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501Academy is all about accessible learning. Here, students, teachers, and parents can all find accompanying course materials, info about past, present, and upcoming MoECST programs, and resources to aid with distance learning.

Meet the Team!

Always up to some shenanigans.

Namrita Balani

Science & Technology Director

Carlos Quiroz

501academy Coordinator

Here between two people that like maths. 

Alanna Rosado

501academy Communications Officer
When's lunch?

Ismael Noble

ICT Manager

Dr. Myron Medina

STEAM Coordinator

Contributors & Collaborators

People that join us in our shenanigans.

Christy Almeida

Special Education Coordinator [Inclusion Corner]

Christy is a voracious reader who is in a love triangle with Netflix and her kindle, excels at baking and making fun drinks, and when forced to adult, advocates passionately for persons with disabilities.

Miriam Codd

Education Officer

Kevin Chen

PR & Communications Officer- MoECST

Guadalupe Gabourel

Lead Teacher - Let's Catch Up Summer Camp 2023

Elvin Zelaya

Lead Teacher - Let's Catch Up Summer Camp 2023

Robelvi Velasquez

Lead Teacher - Let's Catch Up Summer Camp 2023

Carmen Chub

Lead Teacher - Let's Catch Up Summer Camp

Our Interns

People that help us with our shenanigans and don’t complain about it.

Jadah Castillo

IT Intern

January-April 2023

Harnoor Tut

Graphic Design Intern

June-August 2023

I was once the youngest person in the world.

Ashton Daniels

Science Intern

July-August 2023

I have a sticky notes addiction.

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